I help women over 30 to manage anxiety fast to feel calm, confident, balanced and resilient using a combination of powerful and effective EFT, Matrix Remimprinting and Coaching. 


·         Helping women EQUIP themselves with TOOLS to manage their anxiety ‘in the moment’ as it happens

·         Time travelling to the root cause of anxiety and CHANGE unhelpful BELIEFS to manage anxiety long-term

·         Helping women to CONNECT with their core STRENGTHS and VALUES

·         Building RESILIENCE and CONFIDENCE

·         Helping women BEAT ANXIETY in their journey to find their PURPOSE and live a MEANINGFUL life.

·         Helping women to feel EQUALLY empowered in their journey from EXPECTATION to EXPERIENCING what they have always wanted.

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Nisanka Wickramarachchi

Accredited Life Coach/EFT Practitioner/Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner/DISC Facilitator

MA/EYT/BA/CELTA/Diploma in Teaching

Po Box 868

Haywards Heath

RH16 9QE



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