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Nisanka Wickramarachchi

Accredited Life Coach​​

EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner

Accredited DISC Facilitator

MA / BA / CELTA / EYT / Dip in Teaching

Tel: +447512312984​


PO BOX 868 

Haywards Heath

West Sussex

RH16 9QE

United Kingdom


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Joni-R C, Brighton, UK   


"Nisanka is nurturing and warm, coaching made a huge impact on my career and well-being"


Being coached by Nisanka has been absolutely wonderful. She is a very nurturing and warm person, firm but fair. Her focus is always on you, making you feel comfortable, safe and listened to. She is very knowledgeable about well-being and mental health and she has made me feel very comfortable to be honest. I have an anxiety disorder (which can make planning and goals difficult) and Nisanka is very sensitive to my needs in each session. Sometimes we focus on career goals and sometimes we focus on my health and well-being; Nisanka has been adaptable to both! I’ve really enjoyed the coaching experience with her! I've found that I am already putting the skills into place in my own time too! Its made a very good impact on how I think about my values and goals.

Peter B, Haywards Heath, UK


   "Coaching gave me confidence to move in my personal life and career. Nisanka really cares"


‘Nisanka has been amazing. She has helped me in so many ways. The way she pushes me for answers has helped me to learn more about myself and to push me to get me to my goals. Her coaching has managed to help me with a variety of things from Health to Career. Because of the way she tries to get more and more answers from me makes me think more and more deeply about the subject we discuss and gives me answers I wouldn't have originally thought of. Nisanka is brilliant and really cares. I'm grateful for having her as my coach’.

Deputy Head Teacher, St. Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Haywards Heath, UK


  "Nisanka is professional and the workshop was exactly what we needed"


Nisanka's workshop was exactly what we needed as a school community. It allowed us time to reflect on our own lives and gave permission to press the 'Pause' button. From the initial meeting, Nisanka listened to what we felt was needed as a team and designed a bespoke session to address these. She communicated clearly throughout, emailing the content prior to the session to ensure the pitch was accurate. During the session, Nisanka was welcoming and professional at all times. She is extremely approachable which put any worries at ease- she was also considerate of the need of the environment! Feedback from staff was positive and going forward we are looking forward to exploring how Nisanka's coaching expertise can support us. 

Teacher from Haywards Heath, UK

The coaching session we had has enabled me to prioritise what is important in my life at the moment. It has given me real food for thought on how to unlock my potential and identify the REAL stumbling blocks, not imagined ones. A hugely valuable session.”

Lucy T, Hove, UK

"Thank you for taking a chance on me. I realised my strengths and it gave me confidence"


The coaching sessions I have had with Nisanka have been a real eye opener. It’s opened my eyes to the things I am really good at whilst learning new tools to stay focused on the future. The sessions have also given me the time to stop and spend time and reflect on myself and reboot myself. I found activities we did challenging and helpful in moving forward.

I found Nisanka a trustworthy person who believed in me. She believed in me and my abilities. She made me focus on what I can do. Her coaching style made me focus on positive thoughts and strengths. She gave me a space for myself. I just want to say a massive thank to Nisanka for taking that chance on me. I would recommend Nisanka to anyone.

Priscilla F, Haywards Heath, UK


"Coaching helped me see myself as a person and gain confidence. Nisanka was spot on as a coach!"

The Coaching sessions gave me confidence, strength and self belief. It empowered me with tools to thrive on what I want to do in my life. It helped me re focus on myself, in seeing me as a person with needs and dreams and not only a mum. I am very thankful for these sessions as they pushed me to become a better version of me. I was challenged and that made me a great as a person.

Nisanka was spot on as a coach. She was very professional and competent. She was able to challenge me in a very positive way and always respectfully. 

Anne, Devon, UK

"I have realized that just because I have had negative experiences in the past, it doesn't mean I can't move on. Nisanka has a knack for listening and her questioning is meaningful and powerful"


The coaching sessions with Nisanka have given me a huge amount of positivity. I was able to find positive emotions that I thought were lost, and I also built up my confidence through the sessions. I have realised that just because I have had negative experiences in the past it doesn’t mean I can’t move on.

Nisanka has a special knack for listening and her questioning is powerful and meaningful. She always brings something new to the table, new ways of looking at things. She made me focus on smaller points that I might otherwise have missed.

The sessions have been incredibly worthwhile. I am leaving with so many tools to continue to use in my life.