I have just completed my 6th session with Nisanka. She’s an incredible coach, very warm and easy to build a rapport with her. She made me feel at ease from day one and I was able to open up and be vulnerable in her presence knowing that she is respectful of my space and of what I was sharing with her.

During our coaching sessions she used tapping/ EFT and matrix techniques which were a completely new experience for me, and I found these techniques quite powerful, to say the least. Nisanka combined skilled questioning along with these techniques and that helped me with my coaching journey. I was able to overcome serious mental blocks, manage my anxiety better and create a positive action plan for myself.

I highly recommend Nisanka based on my experience, she honestly packs a lot of value in every session. Thank you Nisanka.

Hadeel Ka
SME startup

Being coached by Nisanka has been absolutely wonderful. She is a very nurturing and warm person, firm but fair. Her focus is always on you, making you feel comfortable, safe and listened to. She is very knowledgeable about well-being and mental health and she has made me feel very comfortable to be honest. I have an anxiety disorder (which can make planning and goals difficult) and Nisanka is very sensitive to my needs in each session. Sometimes we focus on career goals and sometimes we focus on my health and well-being; Nisanka has been adaptable to both! I’ve really enjoyed the coaching experience with her! I've found that I am already putting the skills into place in my own time too! Its made a very good impact on how I think about my values and goals.

Joni Rae-Carrack
Mental Health First Aid Trainer/SME

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Nicola Bowen

Working with Nisanka has been extraordinary. She’s extraordinary! In my first session, we focused on my avoidant anxiety - the things I wasn’t doing because I was too anxious to face the world - and after just one session working with her on that issue, I saw an intense improvement, and it was at a time I was starting a new job with a lot of heightened anxiety. There is something special about how Nisanka accepts anything that comes from your subconscious (and certainly we had some strange things come out!), treating it like it’s the best thing, that that is what needs to come out to release you from staying stuck in fear and holding you back. She never made me feel like there was anything wrong with me.

She speaks from a place of great knowledge and experience, and although perhaps I was a bit sceptical, being quite a scientifically minded person and not quite understanding how tapping works, she went to great lengths to give me evidence, send me things, talk me through her training etc. to put my mind at ease. But ultimately, why keep questioning it if it’s working?

The whole process was extremely emotional and within 30 seconds of our first session I was sobbing, but Nisanka helped me breathe, calmed me down, and put no pressure on me to do or be anything other than who was in that moment.
It was quite an organic process, Nisanka gently led me through the tapping, teaching me how to do it, before using excellent questions to guide me through some imagery which brought out wild and wonderful things and has led to me feeling like I’ve connected with myself on a much deeper level that I have in different types of therapy before. By identifying some really key moments in my life and working through them, this work with Nisanka has been quite transformative for me and I’m so grateful for her.She’s funny, she’s warm, she’s intelligent, and I couldn’t have fathomed that my anxiety could come down as much as it has in such a short time - I am so grateful, thank you.


I really feel something heavy has lifted from me I am so much more energised and I don’t care anymore about the past

The EFT and Matrix Reimprinting session I had with Nisanka unlocked a deep healing within me. It released some past trauma. It was a pretty cosmic experience. I do feel a weight has been lifted off me and I am still processing it all. Thank you so much

Rifa-Thorpe Tracey

The coaching sessions with Nisanka have given me a huge amount of positivity. I was able to find positive emotions that I thought were lost, and I also built up my confidence through the sessions. I have realised that just because I have had negative experiences in the past it doesn’t mean I can’t move on.

Nisanka has a special knack for listening and her questioning is powerful and meaningful. She always brings something new to the table, new ways of looking at things. She made me focus on smaller points that I might otherwise have missed.

The sessions have been incredibly worthwhile. I am leaving with so many tools to continue to use in my life.

Anne Gilkes
Engineer / Life Coach / Nature Lover

Nisanka is skilled coach and I felt really like I was really heard on in our sessions. Nisanka uses a combination of coaching, EFT and matrix reimprinting, which I feel is really unique and personally I feel that these methods worked for me on a deep level to shift my mindset . I felt like my sessions were really personalised, and didn’t just follow a structure.

During our coaching sessions, I worked on goals such as my money mindset and having more confidence. The results of coaching with Nisanka means that I have more confidence in my abilities, in particular I believe in myself more and know that the things that were holding me back can be overcome. We worked on my money mindset, which had a direct impact on me, and I’ve since invested money into business coaching for myself which is a big step for me. Before coaching with Nisanka, I just wouldn’t have invested in myself because of my limiting beliefs around money.

Nisanka is encouraging, positive and also challenged me when I needed to be. I feel like everything linked back to my values and I felt really understood. I feel like everything I have learnt in the sessions will really carry me through as I launch my new coaching business. Thank you Nisanka!

I would highly recommend Nisanka as a coach.

Jenna Folarin
Life Coach / Mother

The Coaching sessions gave me confidence, strength and self belief. It empowered me with tools to thrive on what I want to do in my life. It helped me re focus on myself, in seeing me as a person with needs and dreams and not only a mum. I am very thankful for these sessions as they pushed me to become a better version of me. I was challenged and that made me a great as a person.

Nisanka was spot on as a coach. She was very professional and competent. She was able to challenge me in a very positive way and always respectfully.

Priscilla Faria
HCA / Mother

Thank you for taking a chance on me. I realised my strengths and it gave me confidence.

The coaching sessions I have had with Nisanka have been a real eye opener. It’s opened my eyes to the things I am really good at whilst learning new tools to stay focused on the future. The sessions have also given me the time to stop and spend time and reflect on myself and reboot myself. I found activities we did challenging and helpful in moving forward.

I found Nisanka a trustworthy person who believed in me. She believed in me and my abilities. She made me focus on what I can do. Her coaching style made me focus on positive thoughts and strengths. She gave me a space for myself. I just want to say a massive thank to Nisanka for taking that chance on me. I would recommend Nisanka to anyone.

Lucy T
Nursery Practitioner

My sessions with Nisanka were insightful and transformative. Using coaching, EFT and Matrix re-imprinting techniques she helped me to overcome some issues I had around confidence, which have affected me since childhood.

This was something that I felt was really holding me back and as a result of the sessions I had with Nisanka, I feel much more empowered to achieve my goals. I would highly recommend choosing Nisanka as your coach if you would like to work on building your confidence in any area of your life. Thanks Nisanka.

Laurie Rees
Life Coach / Mother

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