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I help parents who co-parent with a narcissistic parent. This website is being revised to reflect the niche. Please bear with me. Thank you!

My mission

6 Steps

Do You Feel Like This as a Parent?

Are You Looking for a Better Relationship?

If you are looking to connect with your children deeply THIS IS THE SPACE FOR YOU. Our deepest connection with ourselves and our children transform our lives and hence EMPOWER OUR CHILDREN TO THRIVE IN THEIR AUTHENTIC SELVES. 

We can do this together by following 6 POWERFUL STEPS.


Recognize Parenting Style


Recognize Unhelpful Patterns


Break Unhelpful Patterns


Understanding Your Child


Mastering New Skills


Apply Right Tools To The Real Need

Parent child relationship is one of the hardest relationships on this planet to build and maintain. It is also a dynamic where we get extremely defensive and protective. Despite our best efforts and intentions, maintaining deeply connected relationships with our children feels like a herculean task. Our love for our children is not the one to be questioned. It is our patterns of behaviour as an individual that contains the answers.

Do the following sound familiar?


  • Feeling misunderstood by the child/children

  • Yelling at children simply to get through the chores and then feeling guilty about it,

  • Feeling overwhelmed and stressed by the sheer amount of tantrums, conversations and arguments, 

  • Feeling disrespected by your children?

  • Feeling worried about their attachment/addiction to devices?

  • Feeling worried about your children’s increasing anxieties around many different things?​

  • Are you raising your children with a toxic/narcissistic partner or an ex?

It is our relationship with ourselves that has the answers to all the chaos that's happening around us, specially in our parent-child relationship dynamic. Most of the answers we are looking for lies deep within us, in our narrative. Let's have a powerful chat and explore how to improve your relationship with yourself, end sabotaging beliefs and truly connect with yourself and children. 

 Do you resonate with the following?

  • Feeling fearful of being abandoned?

  • Feeling annoyed, frustrated and angry?

  • Withdrawing yourself or needing space more?

  • Constant arguments or avoiding conflicts?

  • Don't know how to move on from an argument?

  • Trying to change your partner, children or other people around you?

  • Vulnerable to coercion or narcissistic behaviours?

  • Avoid relationships and commitments?

  • Feeling anxious around relationships?

  • Have been in a toxic relationship?

  • Have been through a difficult divorce?

If you've been feeling stuck, there's a good chance that you're stuck because you're trapped inside your own perspective. You can't see the forest for the trees. You're too close to it.


The EFT and Matrix Reimprinting session I had with Nisanka unlocked a deep healing within me. It released some past trauma. It was a pretty cosmic experience. I do feel a weight has been lifted off me and I am still processing it all. Thank you so much

— Rifa Thorpe-Tracey

 I realised this week that the problem I tasked Nisanka to help me with has been largely neutralised. I appreciate a lifetime can’t be condensed to one session, but the breakthrough was incredible. I highly recommend Nisanka. Trust in her and her methods, and I am Confident you’ll get amazing results

- Becky Downie

Let’s Work Together

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Nisanka Wickramaracchi

Marine House, 151, Western Road, Haywards Heath, West Sussex, UK. RH16 3LH

Tel: 00447512312984

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Accredited Life Coach/NLP / EFT/Matrix /DISC Facilitator/Yoga for Trauma Healing / Transactional Analysis for Coaching / Positive Psychology for Coaching

MA/BA/EYT/CELTA/Dip in Teaching/Dip in Montessori Teaching

Enhanced DBS checked and fully insured.

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