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Hello gorgeous people,

I am a single mother, a former educator who worked with all age groups from Early Years to Adults, a Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, EFT and Matrix Practitioner and a curious life long learner. Having worked in education for almost 20 years, an episode of severe depression and generalized anxiety disorder made me pause and look at my life. My daughter was almost 4 at the time. My knowledge about child development rarely helped! It only gave me false confidence and a robotic, prescribed step by step guidance to follow. One day, it all changed. My almost 5 year old challenged me on my approach and I embarked on a journey. My connection to myself was the missing piece of the puzzle. My connection to myself enabled my connection to my daughter. So, in a way the work I do is more from one imperfect parent to another than from a coach to a client.


Answer is not to look for love but to deeply love ourselves.  


Nisanka Wickramarachchi

A bit of a longer version


  • We are likely to get on if you prefer holistic approaches such as, EFT, Coaching, NLP, Matrix Reimprinting and Yoga for trauma healing. I believe in tapping in to our natural pharmacy; our body. I do not offer Counselling, CBT or any other conventional therapy. They did not work for me! ​

  • We are both likely to enjoy this journey if you are willing to make the changes in your life to ahieve the outcomes you desire. The work we do will involve challenging yourself.  I commit to be respectful, culturally sensitive and admit when I slip up. Do you feel ready to be challenged?​

  • You will benefit from the type of work we do, if you truly want to be honest with yourself. I have found through my experience that people who chose a programme but yet not willing to face their truth are more resistant to change. I can't heal you. Healing is your journey. I can only hold a safe space, facilitate your journey intuitively, use modalities skilfully with you. The rest is your responsibility.  How ready are you to have an honest conversation with yourself and change old habits? If you are not ready, I promise, I will always be here when you are ready.​

  • The price of the programmes are decided based on my experience, knowledge and the results my previous clients have achieved. Fees are paid upfront. There are payment plans available. I do offer a range of services from Free Q & A, workshops, group coaching and 1-2-1 programmes. Please check more information. How ready are you to part with that investment in order achieve the results that you deeply desire?​

  • There's no room in any of my programmes if you are here to be rude and judgemental to me or others in group sessions. I commit to maintaining professionalism at all times. The space I hold is a compassionate and a kind space. You will be removed from any of the programmes immediately. (There will be no refunds if you have already paid for a programme)​

  • I commit to offering you a service with high quality. I aim to create a space where I am fully present when I work with you. I am also a life long learner, so there's always going to be something new and interesting to try.​

  • I love Bollywood, specially Hindi songs. I also love cooking, so if you have a good recipe, do bring it along and share with me. I am a 10/10 introvert but you won't notice it as much. My respite is always in nature. 



Using coaching, EFT and Matrix re-imprinting techniques she helped me to overcome some issues I had around confidence, which have affected me since childhood. This was something that I felt was really holding me back and as a result of the sessions I had with Nisanka, I feel much more empowered to achieve my goals.

— Laurie Rees 

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Nisanka uses a combination of coaching, EFT and matrix reimprinting, which I feel is really unique and personally I feel that these methods worked for me on a deep level to shift my mindset . I felt like my sessions were really personalised, and didn’t just follow a structure.

— Jenna Folarin