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Are you co-parenting with a narcissistic partner or ex-partner?

Come and join the
Person Sitting On Rock
Once a month, on the first Monday, I invite you to join in with me to create some space for you. There's no cost for you to attend this event. 

If you are,
  • doing the heavy lifting of the parenting
  • subjected to unimaginable injustice
  • lonely and isolated in the co-parenting journey
  • berated for leaving a relationship with an abusive person
  • battling with post separation abuse
  • doing what’s best for your children without being noticed
  • feeling inadequate because you are left to juggle too many things that’s meant for an entire village
  • exhausted from the narcissistic abuse and still determined to do what’s best for your children
  • chronically ill from narcissistic abuse
  • looking forward to reclaiming your life back
Come and join in with me to connect and heal together. You are not alone. I will be there side by side with you. Together, we create the village we need, one person at a time. 
My intention of creating this space is to help you lighten up the burden in any way I can. 
The collective tapping and healing is going to offer you a sanctuary,
  • To feel calmer
  • To reduce the intensity of the difficult emotions
  • To reduce anxiety and depressive feelings 
  • To increase happiness ​
  • To change negative core beliefs into positive
  • To learn how to co-regulate with your children
  • To feel included in a community who go through the same experience
You are welcome to the Sanctuary for Collective Tapping and Healing.


During the half an hour, two of you can have a chance to tap with me whilst the others tap alongside. Collective tapping benefits everyone even if you don’t actively tap. 
  • Drop your worry into the zoom chat box (First comes first served)
  • I will guide you to do the tapping with me (Your safety will be guaranteed) 
  • Everyone else can tap alongside
  • We can make an assessment on how you feel
  • You can carry on tapping on your own

P.s. - I may offer a shameless plug to share what I offer but there’s no pressure to buy. 


Please feel free to turn off the camera and change your name. 


A few expectations from me:


  • I will be recording these sessions with the view to upload them to my social media channels
  • I will be using the content to create free workshops, content, blogs etc.
  • We will only be focusing on EFT tapping
  • This is still in the trial and error stage. There's no guarantee that the format will continue. I appreciate your feedback so that I can improve this to suit your needs better. 

DISCLAIMER: The tapping sessions are not a substitute for any medical interventions you may need. Please speak to your GP with regard to any medical interventions. 

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