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"It's easier to be a full-on single parent than to co-parent with a narcissist"

Co-parenting With a Narcissistic Partner or Ex 101

The next workshop is at the end of March. Until then, why not download the e-book, "Co-parenting with a narcissist 101"  and sign up for the updates.?

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9 Steps to support your children consistently whilst preserving your sanity.
Who is this for?


  • Do you feel like you’re losing your sanity co-parenting with a narcissistic partner or ex?
  • Do you see your children struggling with your partner/ex's narcissistic behaviour?
  • Your children are becoming withdrawn, acting out, anxious
  • You have chosen to stay with a narcissistic partner. But you want to protect your children from the turmoil and drama
  • You’re in a high conflict separation with a narcissistic partner and you need help coping with the abuse and manipulation
This E-book takes you through the following steps.
  • Understand what narcissistic behavioural patterns are
  • Recognise different types of narcissists and why it’s important to know these types
  • Understand the impact of narcissistic abuse on you and children
  • Understand what post separation abuse is and how to protect yourself and children from it
  • Understand the impact of post-separation abuse on you and children
  • 4 pillars to support your children - Consistency, self-regulation, alternative environment, critical thinking
  • Recovering from narcissistic abuse - It can be done and I will share what may be necessary step by step. 
  • Simple tools to take away - 
 Co-parenting with a person who loves conflict, who is rigid, entitled, vindictive, antagonistic and dysregulated can be one of the most difficult things you ever do in your life. That's why you need all the support, understanding and the skills to  navigate this difficult journey. 
If you are interested in the workshop, you may be going through the following. 


⬜  The narcissistic parent treats you like it is mandatory that you parent, but it is a choice for them
⬜  The narcissist breaks childcare arrangements or doesn’t show up at all when it’s their turn to pick the children up
⬜  They trash you to your children
⬜  They are surrounded by people who enable their lies and drama and keep trashing you in front of your children
⬜  Your children feel like it is their duty to protect them and they get caught in the crossfire
⬜  You are left to do everything from supervising children to running the entire home whilst working. 
⬜  They make  you feel bad about whatever goes wrong in child’s life
Amidst all of that chaos, you are probably blaming yourself,


⬜  for choosing to have a child with a narcissist 
⬜  for the toxic separation that children go through or the toxic environment that your children are brought up in if you are still living with them
⬜  for gaslighting and manipulation your children are put through by the other parent
⬜  for having ignored the red flags in the relationship early on
⬜  for having to allow your children to spend solo time with the narcissistic parent without you being there to protect them
Your dilemma probably is that you neither want to gaslight your children nor you want to say anything bad about the other parent to protect your children from further trauma. 
Truth be told, having an antagonistic parent does have its toll on children. The most painful part of this Herculean task is to watch the pain, confusion and trauma that your children experience whilst you are going through confusion, numbness, depression and anxiety yourself. 
There is HOPE and GOOD NEWS.

In this workshop, we are going to develop a basic understanding of how to support yourself and your children amidst this chaos. We will draw an action plan together for you to take away so that you walk away from the workshop with clarity and actions to take to look after yourself as well as your children. 

You can be that one solid parent who is present and consistent in your children’s life that can be an offset to the narcissistic parent.
You can provide your children with the empathy, compassion, secure attachment and the mirroring your child needs. 
“The tyranny of narcissistic abuse is that we blame ourselves for the narcissistic person’s behaviour” - Dr. Ramani Daruvasula.
I can help you decide on how to support your children whilst ensuring your well-being is taken care of. 

About Me:

The reason why I do the work I do is because of my own experiences. I was that child who got trapped between two narcissistic parents' crossfire and needless to say I attracted many narcissistic people in my life. I spent years drowning in quicksand of abuse but blaming myself for it. Often or almost all the time, I thought abuse was love due to the childhood trauma that I have experienced. This kept me trapped in narcissistic relationships that sucked my soul out of me. It was when my daughter was born and I was diagnosed with severe depression, generalised anxiety disorder with suicidal thoughts that I decided to change the way I lived. Since then, I have been spending every minute consciously carving a better life for my daughter and I. It is my dream to see our children grow with the love and empathy that they deserve. I would love to see you claim your authentic self back after years of abuse and live a vibrant life

You can read more about me here.

This E-book is ideal if you resonate with the following. 
(Please bear in mind that this is the E-book. It does not include 
everything we cover in the Workshop. However, it guides you through vital 
information and reflective questions for you to connect with your own wisdom and insight)


  • You are excited to build a lasting, trusting relationship with your children
  • You want to support your children to attract healthy relationships in their lives despite having a narcissistic parent
  • You feel exhausted and you want your energy back for you and your children. 
  • Your children know that your partner/ex partner is hurting you. That’s painful for them and they feel like they have to protect you.
  • You can’t remember the last time you had fun with your children and you want to enjoy them by being present in their lives
  • You feel sick worrying about the same, doubt, manipulation, fear and inferiority that your children are experiencing when they are with the narcissistic parent and you want to be present for yourself and create a healthy environment when they are with you
  • You are worried about the fact that the narcissistic parent is installing opposite values and engaging in extremely permissive parenting to offset your best effort in parenting. You want to role model trusting relationships and boundaries so that your children grow up feeling confident and contained.
  • You find your children’s needs overwhelming and then you feel guilty, worried and sad when you have lost your patience with them. You want to stop this cycle from happening frequently.
  • You have been taking talking therapy but it feels like nothing is changing. You are looking for approaches that have the capacity to help you.
Why not check out "Work with me individually" page to read more information on how to recover from narcissistic abuse and get your life back so that you can support your children to be in their authentic selves? 
If you are curious to find out more about how we can work together, please do book a 30 minutes connection chat.
You can drop me an email at and leave me any feedback. Thank you for your support. 
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