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Free Resources

Parenting 101 Q & A

Once a month, we get together to answer any questions you may have regarding parenting. You can bring an array of queries you may have such as relationship, anxiety, depression, how to help your children with certain issues etc.

6 Steps to Connect With Your Children - E-book

So, far you have read all about the six steps. In this 20 pages long e-book, I am taking you through the journey of how to do it. The book contains, practical activities that you can start doing immediately to connect with your children. 

 A Simple and a Powerful Way to Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Anxiety affects our parenting style. This simple biological survival kit i.e. fight, flight or freeze leave us feeling debilitated when unaddressed. There are simple things you can do to eliminate anxiety. In this video, I share a very quick and a powerful tool to reduce stress and anxiety. You can use this to help your children regulate when they feel stress and anxious. They don't need to have developed a large range of vocabulary to use this.

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