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How to Resist the Narcissist's Baiting?

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There are several ways that a narcissist would bait you. Often we are left feeling paralysed when this happens. They use the following techniques to bait you.

  • Stonewalling - passive aggressive behaviour such as not speaking to you at all.

  • Scaremongering - Threatening and intimidating you.

  • Guilt tripping - Trying to get sympathy from you (i.e. "After all I have done for you")

  • False Accusations - Falsely accusing you of something i.e. "you are taking my child away from me"

  • Vague Information - Giving you vague information. i.e. I will let you know if I can pick children up or not. (You won't hear from them until you initiate a conversation again with them)

  • Triggering you - They have been data mining about you for years. They know what buttons to push. They will use these information to get a reaction out of you.

The guidance includes a very simple step by step guidance on how to resist their baiting. 


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