From a very young age we are conditioned to fulfil a role, look a certain way, achieve mile stones at the end of each decade and the list goes on. Some of us grow up as teenagers feeling lost, low self esteem, low body confidence and when we thought the teenage years are finally over, we face another decade of challenges. To thrive in our careers, to be recognised  for who we are and what we are capable of, to get fair opportunities in male dominant work environments, to get the promotions we deserve and so on and so forth. When we finally think we have overcome those barriers or survived in environments like that, we are faced with other emotional challenges such as being married or in a relationship, separation, balancing family dynamics, having children or not, leaving children at nursery to go to work or leave work to look after children, juggling work and personal life and again the list is endless. 

Going through those challenges everyday may make us feel  overwhelmed, lost, guilty, anxious, less empowered, fear of being judged and the need to be an impostor. We may often question if that's all there to life?


The need to help other women comes from a deep place of watching generations of women like my grandmother, mother, aunts, cousins, friends and many women in the world going through this emotional roller coaster living an unfulfilled life without asking for help. 


I use a blend of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Matrix Reimprinting (time travelling with your subconscious) and Life Coaching which is a future focused approach to help you manage your anxiety.


Traditional coaching programmes and therapy such as CBT and Counselling take months or in some cases years. I am working with women to have an impact in weeks. It is vital that we put on our oxygen mask on first.

Research have found out that 3 EFT sessions on average help reduce anxiety symptoms. 90% of patients who receive EFT have reduced their symptoms compared to 63% of who received CBT. From those who have benefited, 78% have reported to maintain the improvement year later. 76% have shown a complete relief of symptoms. 

In Matrix Reimprinting, we get to the bottom of the belief systems obstructing your potential. Once, positive beliefs are re imprinted, you will be physically and mentally ready for your exciting future which is where Life Coaching comes in. 



Clients typically feel a reduction in anxiety within 3 sessions. They feel confident to go for the opportunities in their lives such as promotions, business venture etc.They feel less stressed, manage their family dynamics better, improve sleep, feel peaceful, improve their mental and physical well-being, being present with their children, overcome barriers to success, overcome money issues. Some of my clients have benefited by being able to accept themselves, overcome fear of public speaking and  moved on from past traumas. 

Whatever it is that you are looking to achieve, it is possible with a blend of powerful tools, willingness and dedication.


Due to the current situation, only online sessions are available.

1-1 sessions 

The sessions are tailored to your needs. I will send you a detailed package and pricing once we have had an initial chat.

Online Workshops

Adjust and Maintain a Positive Mindset During Change 





Manage Anxiety and Build Resilience 






Balancing Family Dynamics During Change 









"Nisanka is nurturing and warm, coaching made a huge impact on my career and well-being"

 "Coaching gave me confidence to move in my personal life and career. Nisanka really cares"

"Thank you for taking a chance on me. I realised my strengths and it gave me confidence"

"I have realised that just because I have had negative experiences in the past, it doesn't mean I can't move on. Nisanka has a knack for listening and her questioning is meaningful and powerful"

"My sessions with Nisanka were insightful and transformative"