For 20 years, I have worked in Education bearing different responsibilities with all different age groups. Over the years, I have realised that I love making an impact over women over 30.

From a very young age we are conditioned to fulfil a role, look a certain way, achieve milestones at the end of each decade and the list goes on. Some of us grow up as teenagers feeling lost, feeling low self-esteem, low body confidence and when we thought the teenage years are finally over, we face another decade of challenges. To thrive in our careers, to be recognised for who we are and what we are capable of, to get fair opportunities in male dominant work environments, to be taken seriously in our careers and to be recognised for our capabilities. We face with identity crisis when we want to progress. We battle with the universal belief that the woman only wants a ‘balanced family’ not a career. If we somehow manage balance them all, then we face criticisms and social stigma as ‘horrible’ mothers. We carry this guilt, loyalty, responsibilities on our shoulder and gradually allow ourselves to forget who we are and what we need.


To top it all, our emotions are thrown up and down with hormonal changes whether it’s the puberty, pregnancy, postpartum or menopause making us forget, sweat, feel irritated and dubbed ‘not with it’ or ‘drama queen’ or ‘not fit’ for the next promotion.

Going through those challenges everyday may make us feel overwhelmed, lost, guilty, anxious, less empowered, fear of being judged and the need to be an impostor. We may often question if that's all there to life?


The need to help other women comes from a deep place of watching generations of women like my grandmother, mother, aunts, cousins, friends and many women in the world going through this emotional roller coaster living an unfulfilled life without asking for help.





Clients typically feel a reduction in anxiety within 3 sessions. They feel confident to go for the opportunities in their lives such as promotions, business venture etc. They feel less stressed, manage their family dynamics better, improve sleep, feel peaceful, improve their mental and physical well-being, being present with their children, overcome barriers to success, overcome money issues. Some of my clients have benefited by being able to accept themselves, overcome fear of public speaking and moved on from past traumas. 

Whatever it is that you are looking to achieve, it is possible with a blend of powerful tools, willingness and dedication



I have a long-term vision, 

·         to enable disadvantaged women in Sri Lanka to see a world of possibilities beyond the four walls of their kitchen by creating a sub economy around a retreat. Provide them with skills and training, jobs, affordable and quality childcare, knowledge and understanding of safeguarding children and mental health support.

·         to see a community of strong, skilled empowered women spreading the message that they ‘can’ and they ‘have’ across every nook and corer of the country creating the much needed ‘butterfly effect’. Transformations come within, when the power of potential is realised.


To use a blend of Coaching, EFT and Matrix Reimprinting to provide a fast, effective and a powerful programme to help women over 30 to manage their anxiety and maintain progress long-term. I will support you, challenge you and hold you accountable until you achieve agreed results

·         1-1 Coaching (on-line or face to face)

·         On-line workshops

Traditional coaching programmes and therapy such as CBT and Counselling take months or in some cases years. I am working with women to have an impact in weeks. It is vital that we put on our oxygen mask on first.

Research have found out that 3 EFT sessions on average help reduce anxiety symptoms. 90% of patients who receive EFT have reduced their symptoms compared to 63% of who received CBT. From those who have benefited, 78% have reported to maintain the improvement year later. 76% have shown a complete relief of symptoms.


​·         I treat all my clients with equality

​·         I aim to create financial, social and emotional freedom for women

​·         I provide an honest, transparent and a respectful environment where anyone can feel safe and listened to

·         I provide a personalised, unique and a no bullshit approach.



My Promise to You


·         No bullshit approach to support

·         Accountability calls/emails in between sessions

·         Reviews to measure progress

·         Getting to the bottom of unhelpful beliefs and changing them

·         Encouraging commitment and challenging when falling behind

·         Each session tailored to the needs

·         Supportive, safe and a non-judgemental environment

·         Flexibility around sessions

·         Continuous support with additional follow up calls/emails