How I work?


I offer a free half an hour discovery call for you to discuss the outcomes you are looking for from the coaching programme. We will discuss your current situation, what brought you to me and how I can help you best to get to your desired outcome.

We decide a suitable package from my three packages, and I design a bespoke coaching programme for you.

I work online and face to face.

Due to Covid-19 only online sessions are available.

How Does It Work?


Anxiety is a healthy response to stress, but prolonged anxiety can cause anxiety disorders. Anxiety has its roots to past traumas whether small or big. I help you gently and safety trace the root and find a resolution, changing negative beliefs you have created that has been sabotaging and blocking your success in your life. 

When the root cause of these beliefs are accessed and positive beliefs are reimprinted, you can achieve success and reach potential and be really who you are meant to be than the person you were.




Helping people has always been not only a burning desire and a passion it has always been my way of living. Be it supporting friends and family, be it being a part of a community project to improve lives or be it a moment where I had to stand up for someone else, I acted involuntarily.


I chose teaching as a career as I saw an opportunity to be in people’s lives early on. I have always been able to build quick and trustworthy relationships with students specially whose behaviour was considered difficult. I was able to work with them towards positive changes using my knowledge, intuitive and analytical brain and solution focused approach. Results have always been outstanding. I was also one of the heads working for a charity programme which helped disadvantaged students with their learning. My team and I launched many projects to resource the centre, provide healthy snacks, build up partnership with parents and bring best outcomes for the children who attended the centre. Most of the students were able to achieve better results at their exams. Some of the students who had given up were motivated to learn again. Some students who had special needs and who were never diagnosed were pointed in the right direction to get the help they need. Under my guidance the centre remained one of the most successful places.


After moving to UK to complete my MA, my career took a slight different trajectory working in Early Years bearing different responsibilities such as an Early Years Teacher, Manager and Mentor which always involved working with people bringing the best out of them, tuning in to worried parents and working with them to get the best outcomes for children. With me training as an Early Years Inspector, me becoming a mother to a wonderful daughter and my struggle with my mental health, I began to question life’s purpose again. 20 years in education was enough and I trained as a Life Coach. During the healing journey I came across EFT and Matrix Reimprinting which helped me recover from childhood trauma very quickly and I decided to train as a practitioner. The use of EFT and Matrix Reimprinting not only changed my life, but also has changed many of my clients' lives so far bringing very powerful results quickly.