5 ways to find abundance in loss

During 2020 many of us have been faced with loss except Zoom and Anne Summers I hear :). So, without wasting too much of your time introducing what caused you lose something, I am going to get straight to the point on How to Find Abundance in Loss

5 Ways to Find Abundance in Loss

Step One - Focus

When a loss takes place, specially a financial loss our focus mainly is being put on survival. Paying bills, navigating conversations about loss, telling friends and families about it, embarrassment, and shame, feeling of failure, not worthy are all a part and parcel of experiencing a loss. These are all valid and complex emotions for any human being to process. Survival is the step that can never be skipped in a thriving journey. So, keep your focus on those emotions as you must process them first to navigate your focus from loss to bliss.

Some of the ways you can process those emotions are crying, talking, journaling, and working with a therapist. And if you are someone like me a good dollop of swearing mixed with a brisk walk in nature could help too. The point is allowing the body to release some of the physical reactions. Never suppress what the body is trying to feel.

Step Two - Recovery

Sometimes we become too quick to pay attention to recovering from the financial loss and forget to pay attention to ourselves. When we lose, we switch our survival mode on. Survival mode is activated by the sympathetic nervous system which consumes a lot of energy. So, regain that energy by taking a step back. Compassion and forgiveness are two main things that you should be practising at this age, whether it's being compassion to yourself or to others who you believe have caused loss. After all, anxiety, depression may arise from unresolved emotions, so pay attention to resolving these emotions.

Your body may be tired from the entire experience of crying, hiding in the closet, pretending to be o.k. Allow yourself enough time to recover. Be gentle and kind to yourself. From loss to creating abundance requires energy and we have a responsibility to ourselves to preserve the energy for such a journey. Eat healthy, sleep, take plenty of rest, chat to friends, take solace in nature. Take a compassionate approach to recover from the experience.

Step Three - Press Reset Button

By this point, you may have recovered from initial shock of the news. You may have regained some energy. Now it's time for you to press he reset button. Finding support, reach out for local authorities, recover from some of the losses, calling insurance company, looking at your budget again, selling unwanted things, stop spending on unwanted things are all options you could consider. Think about what's one thing your role model would do if they were to have experienced a loss. These actions are temporary. Keep telling your mind that the actions are temporary, and you will regain control of your earnings soon.

Step Four - Invest

You may be thinking what investments are you talking about? Investment does not limit to financial investments here although some actions may include monetary aspects. Invest in yourself to regain lost confidence, change negative beliefs and reimprint positive beliefs. The biology of reaching abundance is simple, although it may involve taking actions repeatedly and consistently. It's all about harnessing our mind and body that communicate with each other constantly through feelings, emotions, experiences and produce a complex set of chemicals and neural pathways. If we keep the body and mind in a state of survival, both body and mind adjust to that level of survival chemicals and it becomes a habit that's difficult to change. So, this is the time to invest in yourself to reprogram your mind to look for that silver lining in the dark cloud. After all, it's not just a cliché. I strongly believe that ancient practices have a strong scientific background just without a fancy jargon that most of us can hardly pronounce.

Step Five - Refocus

I have learnt a great deal from my mother about bouncing back and recovering from financial losses. Growing up in a very poor background, that's a skill that none of us could do without. However, what I didn't learn from her or the environment that I grew up in is the belief that we did not have to live in a vicious cycle of just recovering the loss. It took me years to learn that there's a different path outside that cycle to create more; create abundance.

Creating abundance is both smart and hard work that gives us more pleasure than we give it credit for. Hard work is not often associated with pleasure. If, your purpose is in alignment with clear goals, small steps, positive beliefs, processed emotions, a supportive network be it professional support or friends and family or both combined with consistent actions, creating abundance is not that far off. Just look at that sentence again, you are surrounded by abundance already i.e. supportive network, clear goals, processed emotions, positive beliefs are all you need in abundant of to create abundance in your life.

"You are never given a dream without also being given the power to make it true" - Richard Back

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