Beware of Dream Killers!

Have you ever heard of dream killers? They are everywhere following us wherever we go from the moment we were born. Has any of you been warned about dream killers as a child? I am sure you have all been warned about strangers that may kidnap you, people who may lie to you, exams you may fail if you don't work hard so on and so forth. But has anyone been warned about dream killers? I bet not! Because, our parents have not been warned about them either (at least most of them). So, we grow up unaware of them and some of us spend so much time with them that we end up becoming a dream killer ourselves. Because it is contagious! The sad truth is that most of us go to our graves without even knowing that we caught the disease. It is possible that we have passed it down to others as well.

So, who is a dream killer and how can we be careful of them? Dream killers are easy to identify. Just spell your thoughts out loud when you have big dreams like 'I want turn desert Sahara in to a rain forest' or something less dramatic like 'I want to be myself' or 'I want to leave the safety of this job and start a business'. Say your dreams out loud over and over and watch the reactions around you. You will catch the dream killers. First, they will roll their eyes, shrug their shoulders, nod their heads in disapproval. These are silent killers. They are pretty harmless. They only pass the disease down to their children or to their relatives. The other type are the easiest to notice and also pretty harmless. They don't know they have it. They are the ones that will say things like 'you are crazy!', 'no one has ever done anything like that!'. Just treat them with a nod of approval, smile and walk away.

There's a third one. They are not easy to spot. They will get close to you and will listen to you attentively and then they will say something like, 'how are you going to do that? you can't even grow a plant in the garden. You are not fit for that'. Now these are the ones that you need to be really careful of. Some of these dream killers have been in your life since you were born or you have fallen in love with them later in your life. It is also possible that you are working with them. You believe them, trust them, love and care about them. If they are not successful the first time, they will continue to make you believe that the dreams you are having for yourself is not worth the effort. Ounce by ounce, drop by drop, they will drain the dream out of you and when you no longer have your dream, guess what? You have become a dream killer yourself.

The good news is that there's an antidote to the disease. If you happen to notice that you have caught the disease, inject an ounce of resilience, a drop of willpower and a sniff of hope every morning without fail for three weeks. You will see your dreams return. The second good news is, you have already spotted the dream killers. So, you can keep them away from your dreams. Keep getting your antidote every morning and bring your dream back to your life for that's what you are born to do. You are born to dream, achieve bigger, win your life and achieve your potentials.

So, beware of dream killers!

If you have already been affected by the dream killers and don't know where to find the antidote, just reach out.

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