Fake teeth and rainbow smile

Squatting on a low step

Sipping a cup of sugarless tea

My grandma smiles

Like the rainbow in the sky

The playful child I was

Hanging from the branches of a tamarind tree

I felt nothing but love

Radiating from this legend of mine

Many years later,

Now that I am no longer a child

I wonder millions times

How she kept that smile

It wasn't the scorching sun

That had wrinkled her velvety skin

It wasn't the age for sure

That had crouched her diddy frame

It wasn't the nectar of life

That made her lose her teeth

It wasn't the gift of life

That wrapped her up in her grave before her time

Demand I will answers from her

When I see her in the matrix sometimes

Demand I will justice for her suffering

'coz that's the fire burning inside

"Don't stamp your feet child! That won't soothe your life"

Says the angel, with the same smile

And of course, without the fake teeth

Because she left them behind.

Nisanka MW

(My grandma used to call me Nisho)



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