How to achieve financial well-being?

What did you notice happen to you when you looked at a bundle of cash? Notice what's happening to you when you think about living in that dream house, putting the price up of your service or products, imagine having a waiting list for your clients or even asking for a raise from your employer. If any of the above is raising your heart, making you sweat, making you feel like it's not possible and it's not for you, you may be blocking your receptivity to money and wealth with guilt, shame or embarrassment. You may be believing that it's not yours to have. If you are already experiencing the success, then this blog is not for you. This is for those who have been believing that the success is someone else's reality not yours.

Many of us are entangled in the web of negative beliefs that we are not good enough, not talented enough, not lucky enough to get what we want. These beliefs subconsciously drive our decisions and block our success. How many of us have tried different methods, read books and manifested success but not reached results? It is easy to come to a conclusion that that we are not lucky enough when we try and it doesn't work out. It is not your fault that the belief or the notion of 'being lucky' is so strongly around us. Guess what! you can all be lucky and attract the success you want. Here's how you do it.

Clear Goals

Define your financial goals, what success means for you and what that financial success gives you. Connecting with your desires and goals at a deeper level is essential to achieving them. There's going to many obstacles on the way to the success journey and when you have a deeper connection to what that success gives you, it becomes a motivational factor. There's no secret formula to achieve your goals. It takes discipline and consistent effort. Visualise your financial goals, live it every day as if you have achieved them, associate with the emotions of success everyday to manifest your intentions. Manifestation is a powerful tool. But don't be mistaken that manifestation itself is not going to bring you success. Believe me, I have manifested winning a lottery without even buying one.


Martin Luther King once said to look at the first step, not the whole staircase and I agree with him on that. Looking at the whole staircase may overwhelm you. What's the first step?

This will vary from each individual. The first step may seem bigger, scary and impossible and it's o.k to ask for help, discuss it with people who are helpful and positive. There are many who may want to project their fears towards you. So, it's important to be surrounded by people who have done it for themselves. They know how scary it is and how rewarding it will be when you finally achieve the results. Look at what has worked for the successful people. Look at how those people have learned from failures and mistakes. We will have our own lessons to learn but to know that even the most successful people have been through failure is reassuring.

Unblock the Blocks

Remember, I mentioned about manifestation being powerful but not enough on its own. Our subconscious mind controls most of our activities without our awareness. When there are many negative beliefs about money and success living in our subconscious these act as barriers to manifestation. It's a tug of war. If negative beliefs are stronger, manifestation is defeated. So, to make manifestation win the war, we have to defeat the negative beliefs. It starts with becoming aware what they are. This isn't easy as most of us have been living with them and some of those beliefs have been passed down to us ancestrally. So, we live thinking those beliefs are who we are. Recognise them and change them is


Growing up, I often listened to this Buddhist fable (Jataka Tales) about two parrots. There were once two chicks and one day a storm blew their nest. Two went in two different directions. One grew up with ascetics talking kindly and behaving calmly whereas the other one kept shouting and hurting the passers-by. It grew up with a bandit. The main message given here is the different environments shape different behaviours in us. Therefore, it’s crucial that we surround ourselves with people who believe in us, who support us and who have positive mindset towards money. That way, two things happen. We begin to notice our limiting beliefs about money and also be inspired by how those successful people are approaching the topic ‘money’.

Use Law of Attraction

Before getting too excited about using law attraction, I must remind you that your blocks must be dealt with first in order to work with law of attraction. When your mind is constantly driven by money blocks or negative beliefs, you tend to live with those emotions. Dr. Jo Dispenza explains this vividly in his talks and books. Once, you have cleared the blocks you can manifest what you want to attract through visualisation, meditation, chanting or whatever the method works for you. Make sure that you trial and error to find out what works for you, use positive language and use colourful images if you are displaying any drawings or pictures etc.

Finally, start making inroads. If you are trapped in a flood and the water is rising, what would be your next step? You wouldn’t stand there and hope that the water would recede. You would somehow find a way to get you to a safe place. You would scream for help and problem solve and be resourceful. It is the same way with money mind set. If you are drowning in negativity, debts, sorrows and disappointment think it as a flood and find ways to get yourself to safety as quickly as you can. Because if you get to safety, you can help your loved ones too. So, start making inroads. Write down the goals however big they are, talk about them, ask for help, make a plan, hire a coach to work with, seek advice from financial services or speak or do whatever it takes for you to get to your goals.

“Finance is not merely about making money. It’s about achieving our deep goals and protecting the fruits of our labor. It’s about stewardship and, therefore, about achieving the good society.” – Robert J. Shiller

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