spotty dress

Updated: Jul 20

A yellow spotty dress

Knee length high

Hung on the girl

With knotted brown hair

Big brown eyes

Sparkled with light

She walked a mile

To the the dark damp liar

Under the wood apple trees

Over the berry vines

Tiny feet crunching

Rough orange gravel

She walked a mile

Not knowing what awaits

She turned the key knob

To the horror that awaits

“Hi my beautiful,

Come inside

You must be tired

Let’s get you comfortable”

“I have got you something

A sparkly new dress

Don’t worry my Red Riding Hood

I am not the wolf, and I won’t bite”

A tickle here, a tickle there

It all started with

A giggle

And a cackle

The child she was

An innocent soul

She didn’t know in fact,

It was the wolf in disguise

Frozen feet, shaky body

Spotty dress damped in sweat

She knew somehow that

The wolf was ready for its supper

From the strength of an angel

A sudden jolt of force

She frees herself

From the iron clasp of the wolf

She ran into the woods

To sit on a wooden log

To hug herself tight

Coz she was so frightened

Big brown eyes

Lost their spark

It looked as if the mile back home

Was made of glass spears

The puny body

Went to bed that night

Sluggish but alert

Drowsy yet awake

She knew

She got punished

For a crime

She didn’t commit

Years passed by

She forgot about the wolf

But she knew she must live

In the prison of mistrust

One day she breathed

And aired about the wolf

To the trusted lover of hers

Whom she thought loved her

“What were you doing alone

In the dark damp liar?”

With that she knew

It was time to build the wall higher

Years passed by

Making her forget

About the walls of the prison

That she painted with colour

A tiny red dress

Swaying on another soul

Her big brown eyes

Sparkled with light

She kissed her mum

And radiated love and light

She whispered in her cells

“It’s time to see the light”

With tears rolling down

She whispered her baby

“I promise my baby

I will see the light”

Nisanka MW

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