when all is lost, then all is found

Looking into the space

With blank eyes

That reflected the blank soul

I knew all was lost

Convention dictates

To be married

To be employed

To be wealthy

To be a grown up

Married I was not

Money I had none

A job I searched none

Health, well that was gone

All was lost,

So it seemed

So they said

So I believed

Space, I had plenty

Pain, too heavy to carry

Vision, well only a blurred one

A life, only a feeble one

Then, it occurred to me.

It was me

That I had lost

In pursuit of everything else.

Second by second

Minute by minute

Through the rubbles

Through the thorny bushes

I climbed a mountain of pain

It was lonely at times

It was joyous many times

It was tiring

Oh well, that doesn't last!

At last,

I came home

To an abandoned one.

Ruins of my home

Treasured the graffiti of my spells

The one that my soul

Had written when she was wild

It’s my home

The one I was meant to be in

I am a little tired

So I rest

With the peaceful thought

And a smile on the lips

When all is lost, then all is found.

Nisanka MW.

(The title inspired by the the 2019 movie Frozen song)

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