There’s a way to thrive in life instead of merely surviving.

And it’s not that complicated!

If you have been breathing through mental illness, addiction, rape or domestic abuse, you have been facing one of the most difficult hurdles in your life and that makes you a very strong person.

Fear, low self-esteem, embarrassment, loneliness, feeling out of control, feeling worthless, lowering the bar constantly, feeling vulnerable may be some of the hurdles you are looking at in your life right now.


With EFT and Matrix Reimprinting, you can deal with the trauma and finally begin to move on. Coaching can help us shed self-blame, shame and redefine ourselves again.


We’re usually left to our devices when it comes to reconnecting our minds to our bodies, ourselves to our loved ones, ourselves to our dreams.

Let me help you to help yourself realise your strengths, become unstoppable, feel better about yourself, bring out who you really are and most importantly get back the control.

Benefits you can expect from Coaching Sessions:

  • Feel positive

  • Know how to turn stress in to energy and results

  • Feel happy instead of depressed

  • Know how to stop relapsing

  • Feel excited instead of anxious

  • Train your brain to focus on future

  • Feel better, stronger and happier within self

  • Boost confidence 

  • Set goals for future

  • Achieve financial prosperity

  • Improve relationships

  • Enhance communication

  • Stop self-sabotage 

  • Use affirmation in life

  • Build Resilience 

  • Feel ready to move on

  • Regain balance in your body

  • Feel energised

Your life will never be the same again when you no longer live with the wounds of a trauma. 


It starts with you taking the FIRST yet, most difficult step to reach out. I have got you from there!