Relationship 1-2-1

We all want the fairly tale ending to our stories don't we?

We all long for a loving relationship with our partner, an amazing connecting with our children, thriving work environment and to be in the family who care and support us? A very few of us have been very lucky to have had that at least some point in their lives? 

However, some of us come from dysfunctional families where our emotions were neglected, we were coerced or manipulated. The heart break and the pain when we are betrayed by our own family is one that we barely open up about. We continue to see our learnt sabotaging beliefs at play in our lives as an adult. 


We withdraw ourselves, feel fearful that we would never find a partner, remain in relationships longer than it's expiry dates, ping-pong our lives between whether to stay or leave, subject ourselves to be abused and the list goes on. None of these decisions are conscious decisions. They are patterns we have learnt in an attempt to survive. Can we break those patterns and have a true connection to ourselves where we know WE ARE WORTHY. Can we break patterns and learn to LOVE OURSELVES?. Can we truly MASTER NEW SKILLS so we know how to be assertive and draw boundaries? The answer is  a resounding 'YES'. 

Our relationship with ourselves impacts everything we do in our lives. Is it time for you to have an honest conversation with yourself?

How Does It Work?

Work with the mind and the body


  • Eliminate unwanted physiological/emotional response to a specified trigger

  • Eliminate unwanted physiological response to a traumatic or otherwise difficult memory.

  • Eliminate a maladaptive belief about self or how the world operates

  • Eliminate a mal adaptive behaviour habit

  • Eliminate emotional obstacles to reaching your desired goal

  • Shift an unwanted baseline affective state (e.g. depression, generalized anxiety)

  • Establish and reinforce beliefs and behaviours that overcome a problem or support the desired goal.


Let's change the original story

Our mind wanders between negative events and memories from the past and worries about the future. We will travel back safely and gently to those past memories and find resolution. This will help you change the narrative, let go of sabotaging beliefs and be present in the moment. You will be able to thrive powerfully in your feminine energy such as intuition, compassion and more.  (A dance between masculine and feminine energies brings us the best opportunities in lives). 

Sustain your achievements

When you let go of the glass ceilings such as 'I am not enough', 'I am not worthy', I am alone', 'I am different', you can walk powerfully into your full potential as the authentic self. You will no longer live in constant fight or flight response. Even if that happens, your mental strength and resilience will have been strengthened by the process, so that you are able to restore calmness effectively. 

You will go through the process with heightened self-awareness allowing you to decide and achieve your goals without the weight of the goals stopping you from achieving them.


Programmes To Choose From

One Month Intense


  • 1-2-1 sessions x 4 (1.5 hrs each)

  • Telephone and email support

  • Guidance and activities provided


Investment £900

60 Day Programme


  • 1-2-1 sessions x 6  (1.5 hrs each)

  • Telephone and email support

  • Guidance and activities provided

  • Access to online resources 

  • Progress review


Investment £1350

*Payment plans available

6 Months Premium

  • 1-2-1 sessions x 18  (1.5 hrs each)

  • Telephone and email support

  • Guidance and activities provided

  • Access to online resources

  • Progress Review

  • 12 months FREE access to meditation app -www.Mindfulyou.space

  • Free access to Breathing Space monthly calls. This is a space where you can come in, relax and reset. Nature walks, online events are both offered alternatively


Investment £4000

*Payment plans available

Pay What You Can

Find out how the sessions can help you out by trying a PWYC session. You can  book a PWYC session once a month.

  • Try how the modalities can help you. Experience the magic yourself.

  • Get some clarity before committing to a long-term programme

  • Tried a programme and would like to continue but don't want to commit a new programme yet. 

  • There's this annoying thought that you need clarity on but you know it's a one off thing

Please bring realistic expectations. This is an hour's sessions. 


Nisanka gently led me through the tapping, teaching me how to do it, before using excellent questions to guide me through some imagery which brought out wild and wonderful things and has led to me feeling like I’ve connected with myself on a much deeper level that I have in different types of therapy before

— M.S - Administrator


With several sessions, I was able to gradually accept myself and realize my self-worth, which is huge.! . And through that trust, I was able to overcome the emotional struggles and rebuild myself. I am forever grateful, for saving me from that dark space I was back then. And I would recommend Nisanka for anyone who is going through the same

— Bhagya - University Student