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Self-care Toolkit

This self-care toolkit was specifically designed to help those individuals who are raising children with a narcissistic partner whether being in a relationship or after separation. Sharing a child with a pathological narcissist can bring its own challenges in addition to the challenge of being a parent. One of the best things we can do is to look after ourselves as a priority. I have given you 3 tools that will help you each serving an individual purpose. You can use them individually or you can use them all at once. These tools will leave you feeling relaxed and re energized. The tools include;

Tool 01 - Reduce intensity of any negative emotions/feelings

Tool 02 - Guided meditation to bask yourself in love and compassion

Tool 03 - A specially designed gratitude practice for those who have been impacted by narcissistic relationships + a bonus tool



This is not a substitute to any medical support. This is not therapy either. These are self-care tools. Please do contact a therapist, coach or a GP. If you are in immediate danger, please contact 999 or your local safeguarding authorities.

I hope you find these tools helpful.

Thank you Lots of love


Once you have registered, you will receive an email with  links to 4 videos. Watch them, apply them and feel the stress and anxiety melt away.


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