I once lived a life where I came home after work with such a face that my own family did not wish to talk to me. Some days I withdrew and other days I snapped making everyone's lives miserable around me. I was making far too many mistakes and bad decisions. That was just the beginning of many more difficult things I was yet to face.

Do you ever feel overwhelmed? 
Does your family tell you that you are different?
Has anyone told you to love yourself a bit more?
Do you distance yourself from the loved ones or the things you love doing?
Do you feel like you are constantly trying to catch the tail with your work or your studies?

You have already figured out that you are stressed but told yourself 'it is what it is, move on!'. If it's not you, someone else may have told you.

It is not what it is. It can be different if you learn to manage your stress. We all go through stress at different levels of our lives. Have you considered a more sustainable approach to manage your stress? An approach where you are more aware what triggers stress and how to manage it? 

 Think about how you will benefit from managing your stress. For me, I decided life needs more than just going to work and pay my bills. To achieve a different life, I decided to make myself aware of what makes me feel stressed and how to manage it?


What's your approach? 

Simply contact me to book a pre-discovery session. I can answer all your questions.