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Ways To Connect And Work

Parenting 101 Q & A

Once a month, we get together to answer any questions you may have regarding parenting. You can bring an array of queries you may have such as relationship, anxiety, depression, how to help your children with certain issues etc.

Relationship 1-2-1

Free yourself from old habits and build a loving relationship with yourself. This is your sacred place where you can allow me to help you connect with your inner child and help them heal. Transform your connection with yourself to flourish in your true authentic self. 

Breathing Space

This is a space where parents can come to relax and reset. This will be a monthly event. For as little as £7 you can feel lighter, relaxed and be held in a safe space. Don't we all need that 'Breathing Space' time to time. It's not like our bathrooms are safer anymore. They know where we are!

Connection Masterclass

If you want to have difficult conversations with your children without escalating them into arguments, if you would like to strengthen your bond with your children,  if your relationships are already damaged, this process will enable you to begin to repair the relationships, this space will provide you with knowledge, skills and energy to navigate your relationship with your children with compassion and kindness.

Pay What You Can

If you ever have a query and you would like some clarity on it, if you are ever stuck in a situation i.e. having had an argument with a child and don't know how to reconcile etc, and you do not want to commit to a full programme, this place is ideal. You can book a PWYC session, once a month.

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