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Spring Branches

How to Overcome Barriers to Parallel Parenting with a Narcissistic Partner or Ex partner

A series of workshops that will help you confidently and fearlessly transition from feeling stuck in the struggle of co-parenting to parallel parenting with a narcissist. 
The bundle is £75. (Each workshop lasts 1.15 hours)
(All together you get 6 hours worth of workshops and workbooks + 1 e-book on Co-parenting with a narcissistic partner or ex)
Starting from the 3rd of May till 24th of May @ 7-8.15 pm (BST)
  • Grow connection with your children
  • Resist baiting from the narcissist
  • Communicate powerfully with the narcissist
  • Transition children out of their toxic roles insisted by the narcissist
  • Raise your energy through self-care and self-love
  • You are co- parenting with a narcissistic partner (you may have left the relationship or still be in the relationship)
  • The narcissistic parent treats you like it is mandatory that you parent, but it is a choice for them
  •  The narcissist breaks childcare arrangements or doesn’t show up at all when it’s their turn to pick the children up
  •  They trash you to your children
  •  They are surrounded by people who enable their lies and drama and keep trashing you in front of your children
  •  Your children feel like it is their duty to protect them and they get caught in the crossfire
  • You are left to do everything from supervising children to running the entire home whilst working. 
  • They make  you feel bad about whatever goes wrong in child’s life
  • They tend to bait you into conflict
The court may have ordered you to co-parent

The society may expect you to to co-parent

Your values may urge you to come to mutual decisions

Your children would benefit from both parents working together, 


The reality is that the narcissistic parent will counter-parent and sabotage your relationship with your children whilst accusing you of stealing children away from them. 

 For them, it’s all about winning even at the cost of their own children’s mental health and well-being. 
Your ONLY option is to parallel parent. 

The antidote to narcissistic parent’s attempts to sabotage your relationship with your children is your connection with them.
I am offering you a series of workshops with a bonus workshop and an e-book to help you parallel paren

The bundle includes the following

E-book - Co-parenting with a narcissistic partner or ex partner
Workshop 01- How to communicate with a narcissistic partner (1 hour recorded)
Workshop 02 - Workshop 02: Improving self-care and self-love (Live workshop)
Workshop 03: How to set unshakable boundaries  (Live workshop)
Workshop 04: How to manage baiting from a narcissist (Live workshop)

Workshop 05: How to connect with your children deeply so that the narcissist can’t brainwash them (Live workshop)

Life time access to all the recordings.
  • Help you feel energized
  • Make you feel powerful in your own parenting
  • Help you practise essential and useful parenting skills
  • Help you lay a strong foundation to healing (These workshops does not help you heal but will give you a kick start)
  • Help you equip yourself with practical tools that you can use anytime
  • Help you draw an action plan that you can refer to anytime when you feel overwhelmed 


If this is something that will benefit you, please reserve your space. ONLY 10 spaces are available. First comes first served. (I don’t know if I will offer the same format again. I am trialling this format out for the first time) 


Details about the individual workshops can be found below. 
Download the FREE starter Kit. 
E-book :
Co-parenting with a narcissistic partner or ex partner 101 - What you need to know.
Workshop 01: 
How to communicate with a narcissistic partner or ex partner.
LIVE and PAID workshops:
Workshop 02: Improving self-care and self-love
Date: 3rd of May
Time: 7-8.15 pm BST
"You won’t realise how much you have been neglecting yourself until you start taking care of yourself" - Dolores Canon
This is an exhausting and anxiety driven journey. During this workshop you will,
  • Assess your current self-care practice
  • Identify where you would like to improve things
  • Recognize barriers and take actions to overcome those barriers
  • Learn simple tools and techniques to improve your health and happiness gradually.
Being in constant stress and trauma response leaves narcissistic abuse survivors feeling,
  • Exhausted
  • With brain fog
  • Lack of focus and attention
  • Inability to make decisions
  • Inability to establish healthy boundaries
This leads to chronic illnesses, depression and anxiety over time. Some develop PTSD and C-PTSD symptoms. I personally believe that one of the first things that we must pay attention to in this journey is to improve  our self-care that helps us improve our vitality. 
From a place of good health and clarity, we make better decisions.
When you apply what you learn during the workshop you will,
  • Learn how to prioritise yourself without feeling guilty
  • Practice self care on a regular basis to improve vitality
  • Feel more energetic and happy
Workshop 03: How to set unshakable boundaries 
Date: 10th of May
Time: 7-8.15 pm BST
Narcissists in your life are not going to respect your boundaries. So, how do you ensure that your boundaries are respected?

During the workshop, you will,
  • Recognize your boundaries 
  • Recognize obstacles to putting boundaries in place (i.e. fear, worry, given up)
  • Learn how to communicate them 
  • Recognize when boundaries are being crossed
  • Know how to remain untriggered when the boundaries are being crossed
Remember, as you continue to heal, you will continue to change your boundaries. 
When you learn to respect your boundaries, 
  • You will earn more respect from others
  • The narcissist will not get their supply anymore and they will eventually leave you alone
  • You will get to enjoy a peaceful life
  • Your productivity, creativity, health, and life in general improves
Workshop 04: How to manage baiting from a narcissist
Date: 17th of May
Time : 7-8.15 pm BST


Do you recognize the following pattern?
“I know I am not supposed to respond, but I don’t want to be a doormat, I feel bad when I have not responded”
“I got hooked …….again”
Narcissists will bait you to regulate themselves. They want supply. They like to see you lose your composure. So, they love to pull you in. They often use children as pawns to bait you. 
During this workshop you will,
  • Learn how the narcissist bait you (different types of baits)
  • Learn how to resist baiting 
  • Learn how to protect your children during their baiting process (because they will use the children as pawns)
Benefits of resisting baiting
  • The more you resist baiting, the less you are triggered and re traumatised
  • More energy and confidence to grow as a person
  • You will leave no room for the narcissist to twist your words against you
  • You will be able to gather stronger evidence against the narcissist
Workshop 05: How to connect with your children deeply so that the narcissist can’t brainwash them
Date: 24th of May
Time: 7-8.15 pm BST
Narcissists are notorious for using their children as a pawn to hurt you. Especially, if you have decided to leave and live your life, they get dysregulated by the rejection that they will use children to continue to control you. 
They know that the children are your kryptonite
The antidote to the narcissist’s emotional manipulation and brainwashing your children is your deepest connection with your children.
During this workshop we will,
  • Identify your parenting style
  • Identify patterns that disrupt that connection
  • Learn how to break those patterns
  • Learn about child’s developmental needs (attachment)
  • Learn new skills
  • Learn how to apply those skills to the real need
When you apply what you learn in the workshop,
  • You will be skilled at paying attention to your triggers and not parent from your triggers
  • You will be skilled at recognizing how to rebuild your children's trust when there are conflicts
  • You will be able to listen intently to your children and validate their feelings and emotions
  • You will be skilled at tuning into children and understanding their world from their developmental stages
  • Your connection will continue to grow
General format of the workshops:


(Each workshop will follow the following format)

  • Introduction to me (only during the first workshop)
  • Introduction to the workshop
  • Delivering content with practical activities
  • 5 minutes shameless plug
  • Delivering content with practical activities
  • Q & A
  • Feedback
  • We say goodbyes. 
What others say about my workshops:
(No names are on display to ensure the safety of the participants)
(Feedback from How to Ungaslight Your Children and How to Support Your Children with Anxiety)
Scored 10/10
Great workshop giving some really useful tips on helping children to deal with their anxiety. Regulating techniques and how to comfort them when they come home and how to connect and support them. Thank you. Really good - (participant from “How to support your children’s anxiety workshop)
Scored 8/10
Brilliant session thank you, makes me feel much more confident about handling my ex gaslighting our children.
Scored 10/10
Exceeded my expectations very calm and informative presenter 
Scored 10/10
What an amazing, informative and kind person you are. That was amazing and made me realise that I was being gaslit (if that's the right word!) every day. I can't wait for your Anxiety one, for both my child and I!
Scored 10/10
Nisanka tackles the tough subject of narcissistic abuse with a warmth that makes it somehow less scary to talk about. She is knowledgeable, kind, and generous with her clients, and provides a caring, listening ear while also offering practical tips to help them through this challenging dynamic.  
Scored 8/10
clear, concise and practical
Scored 10/10
A great workshop run by Nisanka, with wonderful participation. Definitely needs to be repeated! 
What happens when you register?


  • Use the link to register and pay.
  • Once you have paid and registered, you will receive an email to confirm your payment
  • A different email will follow 48 hours before each workshop date with a zoom link to attend and a workbook
  • No Refunds
You may leave the cameras on or off. The workshops will be recorded with the view to make them available as downloadable resources. 
(You can reach out to me to arrange a BACS transfer for complete confidentiality)
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